Since 2005, RELYON is an enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Its predecessor, RELYON Chemical, laid a solid foundation of technical experience for the establishment of RELYON. In order to meet the global sustainability challenges, the company insists on the strategic route of "environmental protection and low carbon, facing the future", and strives to achieve the "halogen-free", "lightweight" and "low VOC" of future functional materials in the continuous exploration and development. Provide a variety of functional additives, high-performance materials, thermoplastic elastomers and other polymer products, as well as polyurethane, adhesives and coatings in the field of high-performance products and comprehensive technical support services. The company is committed to providing outstanding customers in the polymer field with innovative products and supporting services that exceed expectations, adhering to the "new materials." We firmly believe that sincere cooperation with customers is the only way to solve complex problems and find practical and innovative solutions. So we are passionate and enterprising, committed to building a deep understanding of our customers, listening to their inner needs, and building lasting partnerships.

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