Relyon? 2231

Product Overview 】

        Relyon ? 2231 is an ultra high molecular weight polysiloxane particles dispersed in the polyolefin carrier, give the cable material good processing properties, improvement of product appearance, completely replace the traditional silicone masterbatch and erucic acid amide, due to the special structure of the silicone, showing excellent scratch resistance, are widely used in the scratch resistant cables, especially in the low smoke zero halogen cable material.


【 Application features 】

  • Improve product appearance, such as surface gloss, brightness and smoothness, reduce the surface friction coefficient of products;

  • Improved machining performance, such as better die, demoulding, reduced torque, play the role of internal and external lubrication;

  • Environmental protection, low VOC, ultra high molecular weight, no additives precipitation and the surface of the product sticky problems

  • Reduce mold head accumulation, improve the drawing speed of superfine lines, improve production efficiency

【Product Index


White Granule

Grain Shape 

Uniform Particle


No Odor

Ash Content

≤ 0.5%


Applicable materials: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PA, etc.

Applicable field: cable, especially low smoke halogen free cable, blowing film, blow molding, spinning, flow delay, etc.

When 0.2-2% Relyon? 2231 is added to polyolefin or similar thermoplastics, the resin's workability and fluidity are greatly improved, including good mold filling, reduced extrusion torque, improved internal lubricity and demoulding, and faster discharge rate.

If the addition of 2-8%, the surface properties of the material will be greatly improved, reduce the friction coefficient, improve the abrasion resistance of the material.


【Operation safety】 

Should comply with the chemical operation specifications, careful operation, avoid unnecessary contact. Avoid environmental pollution. Avoid dust and keep away from fire.

【Storage and packaging】 

During transportation and storage, the product should be kept away from light, moisture and under low temperature, dry and ventilated conditions.  25kgs kraft paper bags lined with plastic bags, or according to customer's specifications.





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